Vault - are you mad?

Its nice when you closed vauld at Sunday… But how I can fulfill daily quest raid the vault???

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You can’t, which means if you had any other tasks remaining from your 21 for the week, you also cannot complete those either…

Also why wasnt that mentioned in update notes. Are you really totally stupid Blizz??

All the shadows have raid the vault as part of daily in my clan how are we supposed to finish them?? Think twice before you do something next time!

Blizz is an absolute trash company and the remaining people there don’t know anything about nothing. TRASH TRASH TRASH

This is really going to mess up the deeds of valor at the end of the cycle, isn’t it? Yet another fine change. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was done intentionally by somebody and their crack pipe thinking it’s a good idea. Wtf?

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