Vanguard my thoughts

Ok Vanguard feed back.
I find the graphics kind of lame and cheeze, seems COD1 org call of duty had even better then this.
Would I spend $59-$100 on this game no way,
Maps are tiny, I mean really I made more maps then a lot of people in cod1 and not one was this small, it is nothing but a slaughter house , makes the game no fun really, it takes no team work just run around shooting people and dying, not much fun or tactics at all,
With the org COD you had to have team work as well as tactics in order to win a game, there is none of that in this at all,
On a 1-10 I give it a 1 total failure to be honest,
NOW if you took the org COD1 and united offensive and revamped it with new graphics and so on, add in tanks and planes jeeps and so on, it would sell like hot cakes .

Not API related, not even a Blizzard game.