Vanguard game freezes

Last night I encountered a problem when playing Vanguard that persists today. It has been freezing after a couple of minutes of game play.
I have run Scan & Repair, Update, as well as updating my computers drivers (NVidia) and ensuring that there are no other programs or updates running while I play. Internet connectivity is stable. All no joy.
I have played the game extensively since release with no prior problem.
My computer is about 4 months old and has a 3.80GHz i7-10700 CPU running 32.0Gb of RAM on a 64 bit operating system. This is way above minimum spec.
I thought that I may have discovered the problem though…it crashes every time I use Tactical Equipment. I’ve tried changing the key bind to another key, but no matter what change I make it still crashes whenever I try to use Tactical Equipment. UPDATE ON THAT THEORY: nope…it still crashes. I managed to get a complete game in by not touching the Tactical Equipment key, but the game crashed when the next round was loading without me touching anything.
Any ideas???

UPDATE: I may have discovered the problem…
I read in the forums that Daniel’s second skin was causing problems.
I checked the operator that I was working on…it was Daniel and I’d been using his second skin.
I removed it in favor of his base skin and gameplay returned to normal again.
It fixed my problem…I hope that this may be a solution for you guys too!


i am having the same issue right now and there are no error logs being recorded to see what the problem is neither. it was fine until they updated their game but now after 2 seconds of me starting a game it freezes constantly

same started happening here. The game will freeze and crash. Consistently happens when there is a higher graphics load. However, I have far above minimum specs for the game and it was working fine since the last update.

I tried reinstalling the game, I hope it works (waiting for my 50 GB download)

It is almost unplayable now

Same i contacted support about this issue and they totally ignored it.I don’t think they know how to fix it i’ve done almost everything aswell still the same issue.

Hi mate.

I tried uninstalling then reinstalling the game too. No joy. Activision Tech Support has so far failed to get back to me with a solution, so it looks like the game will remain unplayable for me this weekend when the weather forecast here on Australia’s east coast is pretty grim!