Vanguard / Black ops/ warzone Crash

PC User
Immediately after I installed yesterday’s update for Vanguard. The game started to crash at the lobby or sooner coming up with 2 errors 0x0000005(0)N and 0x00001338(0) depending how far the start-up got.
I tried to scan & repair to no avail.
I un-installed Vanguard and reinstalled with no change.
I deleted the cache no change,
I updated my AMD drivers No change,
I changed to DX11 no change,
I closed my antivirus and set-up battlenet, vanguard, Blackops and warzone as exceptions so no blocking by antivirus.
I updated windows 10
I then tried to play Blackops and warzone and both will not load either. Both games are telling me there are updates but when I try to run them, they go to scanning instead. They get to about 88% scanning and then kick out to desktop
I have tried to run all three games in safe mode but get booted without getting anywhere, except back to desktop.
Prior to yesterday’s update all three games ran smoothly with no problem


Did you ever figure anything out? My game started crashing randomly two days ago. Prior to that, it ran fine. I have done all the things you have.