Using shop balance to pre-purchase D4

I’ve been attempting to prepurchase D4 using my balance but I’m hit with an error every time. I’m from Canada, for reference, and the total displayed on the shop is $119.99 for the deluxe edition. My bnet balance is $120.99, yet I’m hit with “You don’t have enough balance to cover the cost of this purchase”. Is there tax on game purchases? If so, why isn’t it reflected in the total price before I have to pay? If not, why can’t I use my balance in this instance?

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Yes, depending on where you live. Blizzard is require by law to collect taxes and/or fees for internet transactions where mandated. If your country and/or province requires it, then Blizzard must collect it and pay it to them.

It should be reflected. If not, that is quite odd. It should show you the total, then let you select a payment method. Just note that Blizzard does not allow split payment methods. If you want to use Bnet balance and need to add a couple dollars, you can do that by adding a custom balance amount from your credit card or paypal.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! I’m aware of no split payments, which is why I increased the balance amount above the required in the “total” price indicated. Not sure why it’s not letting me make the purchase when I clearly do have sufficient funds in my balance.

Again, that is odd. I just tested it myself without actually authorizing payment. I am in USD but it shows me the price for the Deluxe as 89.99. Then it makes me go through several confirmation windows for age, upgrades, etc. At the end, it does show me a total with taxes.




If yours is not displaying tax, that would result in the error you are seeing. I don’t know WHY it is not showing tax though and mine is set to US so I can’t exactly test it.

You can try asking on the WoW Customer Support forum though, even though this is not about WoW. They can answer questions about purchases and the shop usually. There are a few Candian regulars who can help test that for you probably and compare what they see vs what you see.

The other option is to put in a Ticket under “Problem with Purchase”. That will take some time to answer though.

Took your suggestion and submitted a ticket. The response was that tax is added after you click “buy now” which doesn’t seem right to me, but what can you do. Thanks again for your help.

Yes, yes it is but after that it should still give you the total price and let you confirm payment method and approve it.

Glad they got right back to you though! Hopefully you got it sorted and were able to get your version of D4 that you wanted.