Used 40 pearls no gem

I used my 40 pearls to create a gem, that was all fine. Only it’s not in my inventory :sneezing_face:


Also ceafted , took gem and next day its dissapeared.

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That’s exactly what happened to me.

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It doesn’t let me create the gem, after the rift nothing appears.

Try going back to the master gem guy he might have the quest again for you? I didn’t get the option. Just a no show gem.

I have the same problem, used nearly 60 gem but no 5 star dropped for me

Also happened to me. After rift, crafted seeping bile, then it just disapeared from my bag.


This is the only way we can report those problems? Really need to upgrade n seens i cant do much about it

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Curios to know, if admin etc actually reply to these… and that is exactly what happend to me too. Yeah this is a ridiculous way to have to report something!

Generally bug reports are not replied to. The forum is simply a repository for reports for QA to catalogue and investigate.

Occasionally a QA agent will reply when they are looking for more information, but that’s typically fairly rare itself.

So how would this problem be resolved?

The QA teams will use the reports to investigate it internally. It boils down to if they are able to replicated it on their side or not. If so, it has a multifaceted chain it moves through that culminates in a fix being pushed out. Unfortunately, there’s no way to really know where in the process it is.

Just noticed you’re on my friends list. But different server :relaxed:

I also crafted with 40 pearls BSJ and upgraded to 2 level. It was in inventory. Next day it dissapeared!

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