USEAST Ladder Problem

I’ve not been able to create or join games for 2 days now.
When I try and join a game it says:
No New Games Can Be
Created Right Now,
Please Join A Game Or
Try Later.

Then when I try to create a game it says:
You Are In Line To Create A Game.
Try Joining A Game To Avoid Waiting.

Your Position In Line Is: 180808

I have tried joining USWEST Ladder and that works fine, What is going on Blizzard please help me with this problem.

For a reason that is outside of my reach, your ability to create games has been temporarily restricted on USEast. Best thing to do is to wait out the: 180808 seconds (roughly 50 hours) restriction. Play on the other realms to pass the time.

Here is a link which may help to identify the behaviour which may have led to the restriction. It may be that you have not done any of these, yet an action may have caused a flag which prompted the restriction

:alien: :dolphin:


I guess all I can do is wait :sleepy: