USEast Fun Times

10 Minute Queues, broken chat and then rubber banding lag all over the place. Can you guys just start perma-banning accounts that are obvious botting mf//dclone ip hunting. Just have an admin drop a vex (they cheap now anyways) while watching their character and if it gets picked up in a fraction of a second by someone teleporting to it ban the account for pickit//botting. Limiting Cd-Keys to only 4-5 accounts per realm etc. This would also free up names by hoarders.

Blizzard is killing d2. They won’t do anything except offer empty statements like “We are aware of the situation and it is complex. We are working on a solution.” Truth is they want this game dead since it makes any Diablo related title they are responsible for look terrible.

Sorry for my pessimism.


I would have to say more people like D2 then D3 I played D3 and I had to come back to D2. I like the game play on D2 but I hate the bots. they join my game and mess everything up. now the wait time when you make a game sucks really takes all the fun out of the game. i spend 30 min making a game just for a bot to come in and F it all up. i really wish this game was like it was 15 years ago. right now i am having problems with logging in. when i click to sigh in it comes to checking version. then says is not responding. i dont bot so there is no way to be band.

If playing open public games and you want to keep (most) of the bots out, set the level difference close to where your level is. I usually set it at 3-5. Not guaranteed to keep them all out, but it will ward off the low level leechers and keep the ultra high levels from coming in to bot, rush or leeching for the high player# drops.

Another option is to play passworded games with a group of friends.

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i like public games i have not played all day because is not responding so i cant even log into my account to play been playing D1. i dont know what to do other then wait and see if i can tomorrow. or is other people having this issue also?

I am able to login to my d2 account and join games… Making games however takes over 5 minutes and can fail sometimes so it is better to join a public game in progress it seems… I do not like this but I have no other choice unless I want to play single player or try playing another realm besides US EAST Ladder

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The game queues are caused by Sending an invalid game creation request but it still creates the game. It is purposely being exploited. PezRadar said he was going to have his team look into it when I last spoke with him on Twitter DM but nothing has been done since. 25% of USEast Ladder has rotated to NL servers and are unusable on Ladder servers atm. Its one of the many reasons that the Anni Hunters are able to provide Instant Anni solutions because they can farm mass games on Ladder and sell their unlimited or duped stock of SOJS on NL. USEast Queues are a complete joke.