Us-West gear scammer

Account name Water-Reign2 is a trade scammer, dont trade with him he will try to do the gear switch trick. He put it up for trade the 2nd time and stared spamming about an um rune and hit trade and distracted me so being trusting as i am i hit trade.

Character names

Those are the only 2 characters i know of that he has.

Its a stupid thing to fall for but ive been playing this game a long time and i havent seen a scammer since 1.11 of any sort. Everyone ive run into has been very trustworthy in the last 5 years at least. Ive muled hrs and ptorches in private trade games and no ones ever touched my stuff.

Just putting a warning out there for anyone dont trade with him hes a piece of garbage. Got me for Jah Sur Ohm for a magic lp. Then tried to act like i was crazy and paranoid.

Make it a habit to check the item(s) before you accept the trade. If they change something during the trade, check the item(s) again. Scammers do this because they know some people will fall for it. They have nothing to lose when they get caught and everything to gain when someone falls for it.

The old “hang on I need to make room” ruse after a failed trade is a common example of a trade scam. The scammer will knowingly fill their inventory up so the item you are trading them will not fit, they try and accept the trade by offering their high rune and of course the trade fails. They say they need to make room, go free up some space, trade again, wait for you to put the item in but this time they’ll offer up an El or some other crap rune instead hoping you’ll blindly accept the trade.

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Ya i know, i played the game back in the day when people did this every day.

Everyone i’ve played with in the past half dozen years has been very trustworthy, it didn’t even cross my mind that there were still scammers out there. I just dont understand what people have to gain from it in 2020 i mean there are only about 50 real people playing diablo 2 at any given time now. most the rest of the people are bots.

What do you have to gain by scamming someone.

There’s an old saying, “Trust is not given, it is earned.”

When it comes to a game which involves acquisition of power and riches, trust no one, especially some random person you’ve never met before. You have to assume that everyone you don’t know is out to screw you over, until they prove otherwise.

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Ya, I get it.

Just here warning everyone he’s a piece of crap.

I hear ya.

Chances are when he catches wind on publicity of his tarnished name, he’ll just cook up another trade character and repeat the cycle all over again.

Ya its a shame scamming like that is non bannable. But i’m sure as old as the game is they don’t have anything recorded to the server of that nature as far as chats and trades go.

Nah, no logging of trades… Chat is likely logged for a period of time due to racism/life threat reasons. Although it is frowned upon, trade scamming is not a bannable offense because it can be avoided and is technically not violating any terms of use/end user license agreement rules.

Be careful out there.

It’s a preventable scam. Like pking in hardcore, it sucks if it happens to you but it also kind of adds excitement to the game.

I find it amazing that people still fall for this kind of thing after they made the accept trade unclickable after items were moved.

That doesn’t really apply to stash. Also when’s the last time you’ve seen a scammer. Back in the day there was always people doing the dupe scam and trade window scam. People don’t do these types of things anymore which adds a level of trust.

Also i know the body gear explosion isnt a thing anymore just saying.