Us Girls Need Color Options in Wow

Blizzard, where are all the things for us girls out there. You are missing many important things that really needed to be added to the game for more diversity in expression and options.

There are important things for outfits that are not even in any of your designs. Where is the Color “Pink or Bright Purple” Everything and I mean everything is dark-colored. We can have a girl outfit but can’t have our armor and weapons color options.

In Blizzard Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 you had vials that allowed you to customize the color of your outfits perhaps on a smaller scale but where is the option in World of Warcraft?

Also Perhaps in the future, you may include a playable Fairy Race that would be amazing with wings. How about since you have dragons and then angels coming in the next expansion, I hope that includes Wings as a possible choice for characters to fly.