Updating Phone number

So i’ve really been enjoying the recent release of MW3 and all was going well until suddenly i needed to reverify my phone number otherwise i’m softlocked out of the game, which is unfortunate and annoying, i went into my profile and noticed my phone number is quite outdated, so in my attempts to update i’ve been met with the only prompt to change it, needs a verification text from my old number, Personally i think that’s completely asinine as it makes it literally impossible for those who lost their phone, changed numbers or simply no longer have access to the old number, why is it locked to that being the only option if my email is verified aswell, and when i went to make the ticket it sent me in a circle right back to where i had to change it, but there was still only the option for the text verification. and it seems to be a reoccurring issue for YEARS seeing some of the similar posts while making this one please do better blizzard.

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Because at anytime, someone could gain access to someone else’s personal information, including their phone number. In that case, a verified email wouldn’t mean anything.

Phone numbers an integral part of account security, so treating attempts to change them is closely monitored.

It obviously doesn’t or else every time a person had a change in their phone number, that would be the end of their Battlenet account.

Bliz is already doing what appropriate. It’s just people not navigating the ticket selection correctly. For example…

… I went to the support portal and found this ticket in five clicks:
The “Contact Us” button puts you in direct contact with Bliz, no circles.

On a final note, your post doesn’t have anything to do with feedback on the game launcher, so this wasn’t the appropriate forum for it. There is a Support Site Feedback forum near the bottom of the forum list page.

It seems really backwards and counter intuitive, the number i had on file is no longer in service, but upon attempting to update it, i need that number to do so, so a ticket was the only way to do so, the link you provided is exactly what i meant in terms of a circle, sure. it shows you where to go if you’re having the issue that im having but upon clicking “Update” Or “Remove” on my old number im simply given the prompt to verify with my old number.

The ticket I linked doesn’t require a text verification.

Correct, for the very reason I explained above.

Support>Account>Contact Support>Can’t log in>Update Phone Number>Contact Us isn’t a circle.

Those aren’t clickable options in the ticket I linked.