Update issues. and failure to download

Why is it when I try to update anything it takes so darn long to even start?

I have ONE update / patch queued and yet it always gets stuck stating “Waiting on another Update”

and it just sits there doing NOTHING.

Fix your darn launcher already!

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I’ve been having the same issue. I had no issues with Bnet for years, and I have had it break down on me twice in the last month. Incredibly infuriating

I get the same issue from time to time. However, this is update specific. It would appear that you would be doing the US servers a great service but starting the update a 3:00 AM like you are doing with the EU servers. I is a major issue when you need the game to distract from how bad you are feeling when ill, such is my case today. But in general, starting with the East Coast servers at 3:00 AM EDT and the Midwest at 3:00 AM and finally the West Coast servers at 3:00 AM PDT. There is my suggestion, let’s if anyone agrees.