Update Eroor: BLZBNTAGT00001389


So i was updating WoW retail and I accidentally disconected my external hard drive, where WoW is installed and when i try to update again it shows me this BLZBNTAGT00001389 error. Scan and fix shows the same error.

Then i decided to fully reinstall the game - yet again, same error.

Ive tried restarting system, deleting battle.net folders from program data and other places, reinstalled battle.net app but so far nothing works.

Only thing i found out is ,for some reason my external drive is in exFAT system, and im not sure if it was like this from the start. Ive read that it has to be NTFS to properly download etc. but at the same time Steam is updating games no problem.

I would really like to avoid formating this external hard drive as there are nearly 2tb of files.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Actually, Blizzard does not support external hard drives for the games… it needs to be an internal NTFS drive.

There are a few posts about that… on this forum and elsewhere:

So I guess you need to start thinking about moving that game (and other Blizzard games you may have) off the external drive onto an internal drive.

I’m not familiar with WoW but I would think that there’s 2 ways to do that:

  • uninstall WoW from your external drive using the gear icon to the right of the Play button on the BNet App and then reinstall it on an internal drive; or

  • copy/move the WoW game folder from the external drive to an internal drive… and then manually update the location of the game folder in the BNet settings. You may need to run Scan and Repair also… especially if some of the files weren’t updated.

Make sure you backup important game infos (macros, screenshots, settings (?)) before uninstalling.

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In addition to what Boubou said, I would recommend a completely fresh install since you’d be changing file formats to meet the requirements.