Upcoming reset- June- Dev

looking for a developer response.

in the current crisis, this is probably the last thing on peoples mind’s , im not sure whether the blizzard developers and employees are amongst those who are at home isolating, still going to work, or infact working from home and are able to still assist with questions like this, but here goes.

i have infact raised the fact before now about ladder resets being announced much earlier than usual to give ample time for d2 participants such as myself to book time off work, my line of work usually requires around a strong 6 weeks notice or so to be able to book holidays, due to the large number of employees my company has and the demand for time off. is there any chance on the June reset actually being announced at the end of this month or the start of may? just to give as many people as possible a good notice timeframe. it would probably result in more people playing the reset too.

it would be good to have a blizzard employee respond to this.

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I say we get blizzard to reset the ladder this month to make the most use of the time we have being in quarantine / isolation due to this corona virus

would be cool but almost impossible, they wont change from their usual 6 month protocol, who knows, the rate of idiocy, means we might still be in quarantine at reset anyway, as people dont listen to lockdown rules fully.

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I second this, and respectfully ask for some word in response.