Unpopular Opinion

Bots and cheats are and have been an integral part of Diablo 2 for nearly 20 years. The fact that this game was abandoned and people were allowed to use cheats for a prolonged period of time gave rise to what is now classic Battlenet. Ban waves will literally kill the game at this point. There isn’t and will never be enough legit players to make this game filled ever again. The damage is done, it’s pointless to moderate at this point. Even many of the legits now use item sites and jsp so can’t really act innocent. There’s maybe a handful of “legit self found” players out there and not everyone can live off welfare or w/ their parents and d2 24/7 to play the game anymore.

Could you imagine being so bad at this game that you have to blame people on welfare and whom live in their mom’s basement for the reason you cheat? Embarrassing!


I don’t even bot. Just saying I don’t care that people are at this point. I simply DO NOT CARE. Also, I’m not saying I play “self found”, because that’s stupid. I love to trade and be online. I know full well that most items traded for that are really high end and “affordable” are only there because they were most likely botted.

You have to self find to trade, that’s how the game works, or you suck and just buy fools gold or play other games to get fools gold and then buy your junk off botters, whom you claim to fully support. And your opinion isn’t unpopular, it’s inline with the majority, I’d say. Sure, jsp users complain about bots ruining their jsp item selling experience, but they all buy off them with fool’s gold and they all level off them or use their games to mf. All lame.

People posting “self find” are talking about not trading @ all and only using what they find ever. Of course you have to MF to find items, nobody ever said that wasn’t a think. You really are an egg head arent you?

Yeah, but I don’t need jsp and bots to play.