Unlawful chat ban

I was chat banned for 14 days because I responded harshly to 10-15 people which is a multiple day per week thing where my religious beliefs are discriminated. Of course I responded with fire, except in comparison, I threw a match into a forest fire. If u would’ve investigated the chat bar instead of acting from some cowardice rat hiding behind his keyboard, insulting my religion and me. Then what I call a “diablo flash mob” once again appeared before me. Im sure u save all chats in some huge mainframe. I’ve been badgered, Insulted, judged, they make incorrect proclamations and believe their own imaginations regarding my religion in which they know nothing about. My name is the most commonly spoken name in the chat bars and the thing is I haven’t done anything wrong except near them at their own game of words. Im smarter than they r, but I’ve never stooped so low as to take a pic of the chats and report someone. That’s called a RAT!
Read the conversation instead of adjudicating me based upon one screenshot. Hell in forensics u need 3 pieces of circumstantial evidence to equal conclusive evidence.
Im the victim here, I have been since season 2 and it’s all a joke to these pathetic examples of intelligent life. Please clear my name and read the chat from the start and u will c rhat I’m not the antagonist of any of the negative situations I unfortunately had to go through. The fact that I was the one who was chat banned is the reason why I spoke to a civil law lawyer. What they have been doing is illegal and the fact that your company fails on a grand scale to monitor your chat platforms also makes u liable did u know that? Just get rid of the ban please, I was for the 300th time being bullied around by computer tough guys that don’t even go outside. Take away my chat ban, they do this cuz they’re horrible people. But u must realize I was not the instigator I was defending myself

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I was banned permanently for no reason at all on MW2, ive never been one to cheat or even talk in chat and i woke up to a random ban. Ive heard its happened to countless people but for a 70$ game this needs to be taken care of.

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Blizzard does not use screnshots from players. They only accept reports using their own game logs. Using the in-game reporting options links those logs for the mods to review. If you got a Suspension then people in game used the game tools to report you.

Blizzard does not care. The person who broke the rules and got reported is the one who gets an account action. Never let yourself get baited into responding in a way that breaks the rules you agreed to.

If you feel an error was made you can use the link you got in your email to appeal.

Blizzard doesn’t care, oh ok. So ur hypocrites is what you’re saying because they all vastly and exponentially broke your rules they agreed to far beyond what I did. But thanks for expressing how little you care about the law which does not change just because it’s in a game. The law still presides over gaming platforms,!so racism, hateful and religious discrimination r against the law as well as sexual orientations being wrongfully exploited. So is what blizzard saying, that you’re above the law?

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