Uniqueness of D2Classic & LoD Names?

Hi there. Per Realm of course, do Characters from D2Classic & LoD share from the same pool of Character Names for uniqueness? I have USWest John in basic game (ie. don’t have LoD installed), can someone playing LoD in USWest create a char called John too?

As i realised, HC or non-HC, Ladder or Non-Ladder does not matter. A name is unique across all these, if within the same Realm. But i don’t have expansion tonight to test.

How about Classic BattleNet Accounts? If i just buy D2Basic Game, install it and run it, i have to create a Classic BattleNet Acc to play. Later i buy LoD key and install it over my D2 installation. when i log in, will i need to create an LoD-specific Classic BattleNet Account or can i just use the earlier one.


No, unless the character is set to expire, then you can lose the name and the character if some uses it.

No. We can create vanilla and LoD characters on the same account and even convert vanilla characters to LoD characters.

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That’s great, thanks for the reply Punk.