Unfair prices for new curreny's/regions

Hello, so i point out how unfair the new region prices are hoping that it will get enough attention that i get get any kind of response or reasoning to why the games were priced like this. Ill start with that I’m from Georgia and the country isn’t financially stable so giving us same prices like US just makes it impossible for someone with an average salary to purchase anything. On other platforms we get Russian Rubble or the CIS dollar and we have a decent discount on most games, and we cant complain about it because 1. its cheaper 2. other countries share it so the prices range is a some sort of a midpoint. But for some reason Battle.net store is overpriced and random, for example COD Vanguard costs $60 in US but for me its 241 GEL($80) and if I’m logged out its 145GEL ($48) WHY? +$20 for living in a struggling country and its -$20 for not having an account. I just don’t get it, is it a mistake? at least i hope it is. On the other hand some are priced 10-20GEL less($3-6) but we still pay more then Russia/Ukraine/Turkey and Kazakhstan even though our average salary is lower by a big margin and why is the gap so small anyway? from what i know Ukrainian and Georgian should be paying way less, its unfair for us, if anything prices should be cut at least by 30% from US prices 50% would be perfect but i think that unfair to blizzard but anything less then 30 is unfair to us, so something in between would be expectable for everyone. Its hard to explain to why i think its unfair, I don’t think a game should cost more then my gas bill(double if I’m logged in) or why does my warcraft subscription cost more than my water bill? with Georgians average salary i can buy 30 subscriptions but US can buy 1,000 Russia-690 and Ukraine-51? does this make any sense? don’t know ill just point it out anyway and you guys can give me your opinion on it, i really want to hear what others think. i would appreciate to hear where u guys are from and how much a wow subscription can buy you.

rambled on a lot, hope it makes sense. I was so happy to see the wowhead post about the new currency’s and my tiny country getting acknowledged and getting this backstab left me hanging.