Unfair exchange rate

Good day to you!
I would like to attract Your attention to the extremely unfair rates of the newly introduced currencies(such as, in my case-Kazakhstani tenge).
My country shouldn’t been subjected to any sanctions. Based on this fact, it is strange to see the situation when I now have to pay sometimes 50% more only because of the aggression of another country, to which I have nothing to do.
I ask you to consider the possibility of introducing an adequate regional prices (we paid significantly less in rubles, as I said before)
I apologize in advance for my English level =)


Same thing is happening in Georgia right now. We pay twice as more than before with the current exchange rate… I was so excited for the introduction of GEL, but this is just absurd… Fix the rates and reduce the costs, Blizzard.

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We are not unlucky as you guys are. (Turkey) Prices are almost the same as before maybe 30 percent off in some cases… but still expensive because of the exchange rate. What was the point of introducing new currencies if you are not going to balance the prices so actual players can play your game? Hoping for a nerf to prices asap.


im sure everyone from Georgi,Ukraine,Turkey and Kazakhstan were happy to see there currency being added to the store but it seems like its unfairly prices in all 4of them even though Russians economy is better then any one of them and we have to pay more then we already did. including the fact that the general price increase lost decent amount of players from Georgia this will stack more on top of it.

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