Unable to submit ticket, open chat etc

I’ve been trying to start an online chat, phone call, and or even submit a ticket to blizzard classic support. Every time I hit submit it just scrolls to the top of the page. I have gone as far to make sure pop up blocker is disable entirely, no extensions, tried different browsers, gone to extensions verified java is working, ran cmd to verify java working properly, tried private browsing, IE, Firefox, & Chrome. I installed java on all the browsers. At this point I don’t know what to do…

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i have this problem too. I would love to chat with them about my problem.

What is your problem? I can attempt to assist you or get you to the right channel! Thanks!

First when i try open a ticket in classic help, it just scrolls to the top. Next my account is stuck in CD KEY is in use by RAGNAR (ME). i spoke to a gm and he didnt know how to fix it after an hour of chatting. I did what he said and ERASED everything related to diablo2 off of my computer. My account is not banned as i can log on to it from another computer with different internet. After doing everything the GM said, im still getting the CD KEY in use Error. Its been over 24 hours. Please, if you know how to fix this, that would be great. ive tried everything under the sun and am desperate.

I have the same problem … seems like a maze of faq’s and “self-help” links… i just wanna get help from a blizzard employee…