Unable to start game on PC, Mobile is fine

add me to the list. was working yesterday, can’t log on today. mobile is fine.

Same here, need help

same problem, I hope an answer will be given soon

just adding my name to list. checked my firewall. changed programs to run as administrator. when i started game on my phone it patched something.

in my case i was playing on PC and it crashed out.

Same, Mobile works, PC fails with check your internet connection and tap ok (epp)
Using PC since day one. Rebooted, tried VPN, ran scan/repair, reinstalled
internet works fine

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same here was playing on PC before dinner. swapped to ipad while i was cooking… came back and cant login on pc

Yep, wanna jump on top of the pile to make it bigger… perhaps when it’s big enough, Blizz will pay attention

Same…Playing since day 1…epp error

Maybe it is a timeout for not making any purchases yet :smiley:

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I was able to proceed by modifying the following file:


In this folder:

BATTLENETINSTALLDIR\Diablo Immortal\LocalData\Patch\download\

In the file, locate "skipPatch": false and change that to true. Save it, and relaunch the client.

EDIT: Sounds like deleting this file works as well.


Looks like whatever update they just pushed out to mobile is messing with PC.

This worked for me like a charm.

Same, worked a treat!!

worked for me. Thanks!

Yeah but did it fix the “A new challange” quest…lol

Hi All,

It appears Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal update\authentication servers are down for Australian customers. I have been receiving “Please check your internet connection and tap OK” errors all morning from PC, with multiple different (working) web connections.

I just deleted that file and had it redownload it, it started up normally.

Brilliant! Thanks for posting.

i dont have that file ?? i opened download but there is no file named skippatch i dont understand

patchlist_windows_ReleaseROW is the file, skipPatch is just text in that file.