Unable to start game on PC, Mobile is fine

I was not able to launch game on PC, it says Client Update as title in the pop up window, and “Please check your internet connection and tap OK (EPP)”

I tried to repair the client or restarted my PC, but nothing worked. It was working earlier.


getting same error on PC, mobile version works fine


Same error on PC as reported above.

Getting this as well.

Added the game EXEs to my VPN’s split tunnel exclude list, still having the problem.

same issue here… been playing on PC since launch without issue until now.

Yep I’m stuck as well. Doing game scan! :face_exhaling: guess I’ll miss ancient fight.

Same bloody issue. To think blizzard would alert in case of an update or something. Fk’n hell.

I think this was more of an issue on the Blizzard side, either due to high traffic or they screwed up the update process so the windows client can’t connect to their update server some some sort. Scan game didn’t help

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Also happened to my partner sitting right next to me. I can log in fine on PC, she cannot log in on her PC, same error as everyone else.

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Same here was working fine earlier.

Same issue here
said there was an upsate and now I cant play.

Having same issue. Was in the middle of a battleground, hit ressurrect and I crashed out, and every time I try to get back in, recieving the client internet connection issue as well. Rebooting didn’t help.

same issue … check internet connection then crush … i dont have mobile version
worked normal few hours ago

Same here. Not really trying to play on my phone right now

Doing the same for me. Was just resetting the game and computer because for some reason the controller options went all crazy. Will not let me play. So im trying to re-install it.

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Same issue here as everyone else.

dont reinstall … when all ppl have same problem its not on your end reinstall wont help …


too late, been waiting for it to finish.

I have the same issue. Anyone get this fixed?

lmk if it helps, thanks