Unable to reinstall Battle.net BLZBNTBTS00000029

Running Mac Big Sur 11.2.3
I tried to update SC2 and I kept getting error codes.
I tried all the recommended actions, none of them helped.
I uninstalled Battle.net.
Now I am trying to reinstall but I keep getting the error BLZBNTBTS00000029.
I have tried all of the recommended steps, none have worked.


I am having the exact same problem! Want to add that I have been a good Blizzard customer since 1995 and my family have been Blizzard fans since the Black Rock n Roll and Warcraft 1 days. (side note, any chance of the Blizzard Original games coming back?)

Has anyone been able to fix this, have the same problem???

We’re you able to fix this problem? I am having the same issue.

I’ve been a loyal Blizzard customer since 1995, but still having issues with the system

Hi Dshell
Yeh, Ive been having the same problem too.
Wasn’t able to install/run the last D3 update a few weeks ago, so uninstalled everything.
Ran through all the fix suggestions but was then unable to re-install anything at all.
I was on OS 10.11.6 and didn’t really want to upgrade to Big Sur…
but was advised by support that that was the only solution they could suggest,
as the upgrades and software are only compatible with current OS (?)

Yay!!! - Upgraded to a clean install of Big Sur 11.5.1 last night…
… and still can’t install anything! - still getting the BLZBNTBTS00000029 error.

No offence to anyone - but actually happy it not just me - Im quite system savvy and this was/is driving me bonkers.

My new hobby… trying to install any Blizzard software :slight_smile:

I have been having the same issue.
This is infuriating. I’m in the middle of writing medical school applications and wanted to just chill out for a few minutes to take a break. Turned into an even bigger headache than the stupid essays I have to write.

While I’m at it, I am honestly to furious about the stupid battle.net app to begin with…what purpose does it serve? it seems to simply get in the way of customers being able to play the games they paid for.

Anyway, CLEARLY I am extremely frustrated, especially since it seems like this issue hasn’t been addressed at all?