Unable to reinstall Battle.net BLZBNTBTS00000029

Running Mac Big Sur 11.2.3
I tried to update SC2 and I kept getting error codes.
I tried all the recommended actions, none of them helped.
I uninstalled Battle.net.
Now I am trying to reinstall but I keep getting the error BLZBNTBTS00000029.
I have tried all of the recommended steps, none have worked.


I am having the exact same problem! Want to add that I have been a good Blizzard customer since 1995 and my family have been Blizzard fans since the Black Rock n Roll and Warcraft 1 days. (side note, any chance of the Blizzard Original games coming back?)

Has anyone been able to fix this, have the same problem???

We’re you able to fix this problem? I am having the same issue.