Unable to purchase using credit card

I had enough money on my credit card to buy the Reaper of Souls pack, but when I went to buy it I got an error saying I can’t buy it. A few minutes after that I get an email from Battle.net saying I succesfully bought something for 20€ but it doesnt say what anywhere. My Reaper of Souls pack wasn’t unlocked because the game din’t recognise it and my money was missing. I din’t even get a notification from my credit card app to confirm the transaction which was strange to me. So I had to add some money to my card and hopefully buy it again. I was able to purchase it and got the notification of my purchase again.
So I would like my money back for a pack that I din’t recieve at first, but payed for.

You will want to use the Ticket system to reach out to CS privately. They can’t be reached via forums. This just a place to leave feedback.

You will want to start with [Support] then hit > [Contact Support] at the top right of the website.

From there use the menus to get to payments and problem with payment. You will know your ticket was submitted successful if you get a ticket number provided to you via email and in your ticket history on the website.