Unable to play Diablo 3

Getting different errors when I can get in. Unable to retrieve season info or some such and then unable to create game, game servers are for your game mode may be busy at this time. Now, when trying to log back in after rebooting, it hangs on retrieving hero list.

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same here. i think if you get in to game stay in that game because it bombs when you try to remake.

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I tried a scan and repair and it will not even complete this process. says something broken and starts process all over again.

Same issues trying to get back in , made the mistake of leaving

Just sit tight folks. You are not alone and they are investigating. This is the only Blizz post I know of on it so far.

Not cool for a season start of course.


Is it related to the same “disconnected to server” error in COD???
Cause i cant play that game too…

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Glad it’s not just me, I’ve gotten “error” messages and kicked off the server 4 times in the last 2 hours.

Uninstall it…the game is a horrible POS anyway.

Please help! My game was just fine this afternoon then when I logged on this evening, I’ve been getting errors 3006 and 1016. I’ve followed the other troubleshooting steps and the issue is still not resolved (flush dns, restart network connection, antivirus).

Kindly provide assistance. Thanks.

Thanks, I am surprise this was not announce in the main page. Any idea when this issue can be resolve?