Unable to log in

I always get this two messages since today

You were disconnected from Battle net. Please Reconnect.


Battle net is not responding. Please try connecting again in few minutes.

What should I do ?

Sounds like you have a temporary restriction of some kind. Unfortunately there is nothing that Blizzard can do to lift the ban early, you’ll have to wait it out. Check the following post for more information to help you determine what may have caused the restriction and how long you may have to wait:

You can also try to post a request for help here, a Blizzard rep may be able to give you more insight on the issue:


Blizzard also has an entire website section dedicated to classic games support here: https://us.battle.net/support/en/games/legacy

Wow… it seems that I got this restriction because I used my personal VPN to access a specific website will I was logged into Diablo 2 at the same time… In other hand, it does not seems like this is an IP block since I cannot log in using my home IP address, my work IP address and my friend IP address.

I just came back yesterday to give this game another try and I didn’t know that using a VPN was prohibited…

How long does a restriction last for using a VPN ?

Restrictions for VPN use last anywhere from 14 to 30 days. My best advice is to wait 15 days, then try logging in one time. If you still have trouble, wait another two weeks before trying again.

Restrictions for VPN use was and still is a blanket crackdown measure that Blizzard put in place to stop rampant chat spam bots and other hacks.

If you are persistant in wanting to play with ip ban, best you can do is change your dynamic ip address (outside) to a different one 68.xx.xxx.x.xx

I think the vpn ban is 2-weeks

I would refrain from posting “how to circumvent bans” on these forums if I were you.

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