Unable to log in to Overwatch 2

says “connection error”

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doing the same thing to me

Same here - logged out and still having connection errors. Checked with friends in Europe also having the same issue as the NA server. Friends list also not showing in game, only seemed to be an issue once I installed the new update.

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its because they dont care! this is day 2. i just cancelled my wow sub and my pre order for d4 to save me a headache. i suggest you all do the same.

free to play = who gives a “poop”; if the store was down it would be fixed immediately

Honest sick of them not caring about their game they don’t fix anything they just put a bandage on it and once it falls off look what happens I’ll just uninstall and stop spending my money with them

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i was about to click spend in the store i NEVER will again with blizzard. they dont care. done.

Yeah same here that’s annoying


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