Unable to install battle.net error:blzbntagt000008fc

hello, i’ve been having issues with battle net for the past 5 months, i tried contacting customer support and they just sent me a wall of text, i tried doing what the wall of text told me to no success, i’ve looked up how to solve my issue and it has yet to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hey there JCisGone,

I looked into that ticket and see it was an automated reply. While they cover the common steps to troubleshoot installation issues, it can miss the mark if it’s a less common cause. I was able to check out the files that were attached to that ticket and believe I see the reason however.

The Msinfo shows “can’t collect information” for almost all information in the file. This typically means that something is going on with the WMI service within Windows. Resetting it should help out with the installation, so let’s do the following to address this:

1) Press the Windows and Q keys together
2) Search for CMD
3) Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator
4) Enter the following commands, one at a time, pressing Enter after each. Note the command does not include "-" or the information that follows after each; that info is there just so you know what the command does.

	net stop winmgmt - stops the WMI Service

		- Respond in the affirmative to the warning message about stopping the Security Center and IP Helper

	winmgmt /resetrepository  - this will report the WMI repository has been reset

	net start winmgmt - it may report the WMI Service is already started - that's okay

	exit - closes the Command Prompt Window

5) We want to follow this up with a restart of the system

If there is still a problem after doing that, please reply back to the ticket so we can look into further troubleshooting that can help. Including a fresh Msinfo file in that reply to the ticket also best.

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