Unable to connect to Battle.Net

Stuck at home like many of you. Decided to give D2 a go after years of absence. Played some yesterday and a little earlier today. Went AFK and came back to being disconnected from battle.net. No prob, i’ll just log back in. Now it just continues to say “Unable to connect to battle net” and "go check your router connections. Why can’t I connect anymore? What’s going on? Any help is greatly appreciated.

And before you ask, I shut off windows firewall. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. My cd keys are registered with Blizzard and I used them when i installed. No idea why it wont let me back in. When i open a command prompt and ping i get a nice clean pin to the battle.net site with a 22ms latency. Entirely capable of connecting and running the game. . …except it wont. . . . help pls!

prolly got a cd key ban for installing the game like i seen 5 others allready say

Thanks for the reply rickdawgg. As it turns out, it was down because of the ladder reset. I just started playing again a day or so ago and didn’t realize a reset was happening. So it was just me being out of the loop. Thanks again.