Unable to connect to accounts. password is correct

Hi, around 48 hours ago my password just stopped working. My two accounts :


Hardcore US East Ladder

Both have same PW won’t work since 48 hours. Have tried copy pasting the exact pw in, still won’t work. Created a new account rolledkings2 and can login fine.

What do I do, I foolishly didn’t register my email to the accounts and cannot get a new password. Please help! :frowning:

Sounds like somebody registered your account to their email and changed your password sorry for your loss make sure you register your account to your email

Ah crap. Lesson learned.

How does one even do this? I’ve seen no options anywhere to register my account once I did not select the option during account creation.

  1. Make sure you have the proper realm selected.
  2. Make sure you’re inputting the correct account/password combo.
  3. Make sure your keyboard is working and a key used for your password isn’t broken.

If you did not register the account it cannot be recovered. Also, the recovery glitch was patched a long time ago, so nobody else could’ve registered your account and stolen your password. It is also unlikely, if not impossible for someone to have cracked your password. What is likely:

  1. You got key logged by someone you trusted enough to download or share something from.
  2. Your password was weak and easily guessed, or you trusted someone with it and they stole it.
  3. If you did something like team viewer and use bots, your passwords are stored in clear text files and easily accessible.

You’re pretty much screwed man. There is no way for a Blizzard rep to recover your account.

Thanks for the response. Have done 1,2 and 3.

Password is unlikely to be cracked was not a super simple one. None of my friends play d2 and /or know my pw’s. Don’t use team viewer, no programs/bots (not super computer savvy wouldn’t be able to even set one up). The key logger is concerning.

so i have an in game friend who is in your same situation, he doesn’t share his accounts, and his pw was hard to guess. however, like you, he got keylogged.

the culprit was a very innocuous looking link sent to him via a forum … which he clicked on.

it’s insane how paranoid you have to be to survive in d2.

irl i am a network security professional and id say that playing d2 in my youth (8 years old until 16 years old) really helped shaped, for better or for worse, that excessive OCD paranoia.

Because if you can remember d2 in 1.08 etc, EVERYONE was trying to scam you, 24/7. Emails, links, AIM links (remember AOL Instant Messanger? lol): you name it, everyone and their friends and their grandmothers were trying to constantly jack all of your stuff.

Well these days most people have moved on and matured, but the nature of a scammer is to always scam, and there are plenty of scammers still around.

Honestly there’s constantly posts like yours saying “my stuff got deleted and I didn’t get keyLogGeD I SWArE!” but most of the time people aren’t quite paranoid enough.

You got keylogged bro. Sorry.

Thanks this makes more sense. I use jsp sometimes and likely clicked a link then. I ran Malwarebytes antirootkit and did a search and found nothing. Do you recommend anything else I can run. If I have a potential active key logger I’m really concerned for other applications I use outside diablo2

The only way to be absolutely sure there are no infections is to backup any personal data, wipe the drives and reinstall. Do not trust any program installers from your backup either, as they may be compromised. Reinstall all programs from a trusted and secure source.

Scanners will find the majority of infections, but there is always a chance something may be missed.

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Could literally be any link disguised, or any file shared that had nothing to do with Diablo 2. Like music, torrents etc. People get trust and screw friends over all the time on D2. Could have been something not at all related to D2 used to get to your D2 account. I would do a fresh OS install, especially if you’re banking on that computer.

Also, AFTER you do a fresh clean install, change all of your online passwords to new unique passwords that aren’t easily guessable and not the same as your old stuff. Delete all e-mails from people that aren’t IRL close friends/family. Delete all spam and other e-mails that aren’t from trusted sources link bank statements and stuff. DO NOT install any software that isn’t Microsoft or trusted like Blizzard games. Start fresh and steer clear of all that. I’ve never been hacked, but I also don’t trust anyone. Not even people I’ve gamed with for 10+ years. I’ve seen life long friends turn on eachother over pixels, it’s just the sad world we live in.