Unable to chat in game

I am unable to chat in any game I create or join. Is there a fix, or have I been muted for something? I have tried deleting my ignore list with no effect.

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i got 1 account where i cant message too

Refer to the following thread for status on this issue:

I thought I was going loony, or mashed like alt+enter and fudged things up. Haven’t been able to chat, either, for a few days now.

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As of last night I too have the “no chat” issue. Have to use the ! to message friends, texting inside trade window will not work either. Tried to figure if I did some strange keystroke or not but discovered others in games with same issue.

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well chat seems to be working again. Seems like only for two games then quit again

Worst season i ever played, 4,5k position + no chat for weeks, seriusly blizz what the heck,