UI not updating when changing region

Just updated the Desktop App. I was on the OW page, with Americas selected as normal. I wanted to swap to PTR to try the new hero, but after selecting PTR it still showed Americas on the dropdown. I opened the dropdown again and noticed that PTR was check marked. I then noticed that if I moused over the empty area to the right of the dropdown that would normally show the progress bar for downloading an update, I got a tooltip popup saying that the update was in progress. However, no progress bar showed like it normally does (and actually just did when I first opened the App and was on Americas). Basically it seems that the UI is no longer updated or changing based on your region selection, even if an update begins. The tooltip moved with where the progress bar would have been, and I checked my progress by constantly dismissing it and recalling it by waving my mouse around the empty space in the window. The update finished and I was able to launch successfully into the PTR.