Twin accounts in game

Twin accounts is the main problem in the battle of shadows. Developers need to do something about this. .In this case, players create twin and move through them in order to win the battle of shadows, thereby giving a way to win in the rite of exiles.

It should not be that one player can create several clans. (he is also a clan leader, for example, or an officer leaving the main clan). Therefore, you need to track their actions both from the main account and with a possible “smurf–account”. Since cases of such an abuse have become commonplace There are also cases where at the battle of shadows 1 guardian won the game against another team in a matter of minutes. if you want, I will attach a video later, but there it will be in Russian

now there will be one of the examples that I noticed. To which the game developers should already turn their attention. The Blood Rose server.

And so there are more and more clans of clones. Therefore, I really hope that the developers will start doing something for such illegal trafficking to create clans

by the way, I propose to make an observer come to the war of shadows and monitor the fair play of the clans

as I said, some rules need to be put into the game for creating clans.

  1. only one person can create a single clan. that is, for each new clan, you need to introduce a time limit, and also completely introduce all prohibitions on creating several clans from the same person.
    2 and since there are various system bypasses in the game that allow you to kill the guard on the “shadow wars” in a matter of seconds, you need to make someone watch the battle of shadows, that is, there should be some kind of observer who would punish violators in this game mode

This is the diablo one forum, not diablo immortal forum.

lul seriously, tin, thank you, I don’t know how it happened at all, ,
Can you by any chance tell me how I can contact the developers of the game in order to convey such information to them? if there are any other resources, I need at least one developer to notice my appeal, at any cost,

well, or so that I can write to him personally somewhere in private messages, and throw screenshots there, since here I can’t get level 3 of the forum