Trying to talk to a human being

I am looking for a way to contact someone in person. The labyrinth of links and boxes to fill out do not meet my needs for my specific request or feedback. How does one go about contacting blizzard for non-game specific things. There used to be a live chat that could route requests.



Live chat was always for Account Access (lost password, authentication issues, etc), Billing, or some Tech Support issues.

If your issue falls into those categories there is now Live Chat and Phone Callback. However, with the Pandemic and work from home they have limited those as well - security issues maybe? Add in the TX weather and the fact that almost all CS staff are in Austin TX…there are limits right now.

What issue do you have?

Edit - Feedback has never been something CS accepts. If you want to do that you can do so via the Forums where CMs collect it, or the in-game tools for WoW (if that is the game you play).