Trying to switch from to bnet API

I rushed together a tournament website for my guild, and it’s getting an overwhelmingly positive reception so I want to clean it up a bit, hook it into the official blizzard API, and make it more widely available.

Should be SUPER easy. I built it so the querier is its own SO, so I SHOULD just be able to build a bnet querier SO and cut over fairly seamlessly. My issue is that the one key piece of information I need is access to recent dungeon runs. I can get 10 most recent off of RIO, but I can’t seem to find any way to get comparable data from the bnet API. Is there an endpoint I’m not seeing, or something I’m not utilizing correctly? Or does RIO bring that data in through their addon instead of through the bnet API? I’d like to be using a single API so I have a ‘single source of truth’ but I can’t see how to grab down this last little chunk of data that I need.


I’m also curious about getting the recent dungeon runs for specific players.

Did you get any further with this?

I’ve been looking at using the Mythic Keystone Leaderboard endpoint, but it’s not quite the same as what I want.

I have not. I think my next step may be reaching out to see if their developers are willing to share how they’re getting it. It’s the only source for that information that I’ve been able to find, which honestly seems a bit weird. Super curious how they’re getting it.

Unfortunately, run-level data is not exposed from the Mythic Keystone Profile API at this time. There should be seasonal entries including best in-time and best out-of-time runs by dungeon, but comprehensive run-level details are not presently supported.

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Ty for your responses Korakk, is there any possibility of having great vault API in the future? It will cover a lot of these cases I guess.

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Thanks! It’s really an incredible amount of information already available. I’ve got another side project that is more inline with what is concretely offered and maybe I’ll pivot to that.