Trolling.. What is it? Harassment.. What is it?

Do you have a place that outlines all of the terms of conditions in which describe exactly what ‘Trolling’ is considered? Or do I need to resort to the urban dictionary?

You should read the forum Code of Conduct very carefully. You should probably also avoid making threads on multiple forums about your account actions.

Thank you for the reply. So I’m essentially being harassed on the forums, with no way to report the people who are harassing the community members who come to use the forums and then my account gets blocked for raising awareness? Is that what you are saying. I read that and they violated the terms long before I did yet they are allowed to continue to go on everyone’s post and get them upset with rude and derogatory comments? Something that seems to be getting overlooked by the people participating in the forums is a fact that there will be complaints about products that the forums represent. It’s considered feedback typically and most of the time it should be considered as there would be no Blizzard or Activision without customers who buy their products.

Disagreeing with you, or pointing out your build is not optimal which is why you can’t do X, is not harassing you.

You have already been told how to report. You can use the forum flag system to report people just like they reported you. Most people were polite and understanding until you starting insulting and picking fights (otherwise know as trolling). If you don’t want people to give you feedback about your topic (false claims about a years old D3 Wizard build that is NOT destroyed), don’t post.

You are making repeated posts to circumvent a forum ban, targeting other posters, and posting about account disciplinary actions.

Again, read the code of conduct.