Torghast is too hard solo

I play a MM Hunter and I just can’t get around the enemies. I’m trying my hardest to play and gather dust …but, I’m failing. I’m spending hours on 6 floors and getting killed by the main boss at the end. I have a learning disability that prevents me from choosing spells as fast as normal players …is there anyway to make this easier?

Feedback about World of Warcraft can be submitted via the WoW forums or using the in-game Suggestion submission form.

This post on the CS forum shows step by step instructions about how to access the Bug or Suggestion options.

If you would like to provide feedback about specific accessibility issues related to a learning disability, Blizzard has a dedicated team for that. They can’t make individual changes to the game for you, but they do compile and research issues for the Developers so the Devs can consider it for future updates.

There may be addons that can help you by suggesting which spell to use. You can also map your skills to specific buttons you find easier to use. Just remember that anything that pushes a button for you, or automates a skill rotation, would be considered automation and would get you suspended or banned. Stick with legit addons from someplace like Curseforge.

I have pretty much started to avoid Torghast at all cost. It was bad enough at the beginning but after the patch to nerf it went to hell. Damaging patches when mobs die. The constant traps. I’ve had enough. Gathering or Mining has even become nuts in most areas outside of Torghast. I have put up with all the changes over the years (started at the very beginning of WoW). Faction tagging and never ending trash mobs have killed the game for me. My 6 months expire soon and I think that will be the end for me. I will let them use other peoples money to learn their jobs.

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Bro, learn to use your pet properly, misdirection is key, and then hit your pet heal every time it pops. You can click the skill upgrade and (hide them) till you in a safe spot then take your time to pick the skill or clear and come back to it. Also when solo you have to clear all the mobs as you will need every upgrade you can get. Just do the lower levels you can handle to get your first legendary then spend time running dungeons to upgrade gear. I thought the same but I focused on upgrading gear and using my pet with misdirection, and I focus on grabbing a couple of defensive upgrades when I can not all offensive skills. I have solo’ed up to level 5 have not tried 6 yet with a gear level of 183. Its early in the expansion give it time to develop your character. I do hate that they make leveling so easy. Early MMORPGs were ,such harder to level, but its the way games are today. Lastly you can always switch to BM hunter as you might like the game play better.