Too many Negative Orbs whales in East Asia servers

I don’t know why BZ never banned these negative orbs in EastAsia servers (not China servers). There are so many negative players have lead the game for over 1 year with their free big wings here in (HK/Taiwan/Macau) East Asia servers (mostly throgh China VPN).
I am so disappointed to BZ after I spent over US$10K and I still have to compete with these players without spend any cent but with US$50K+ gems in Diablo Immortal. No matter how we report these 5000-10000 resonances negative orbs accounts by in-game system, BZ staffs always ignore. I doubt that East-Asia servers are entrust to China Netease so they could be corruptive with these “illegal sellers” and guaratee these accounts will never be banned. BZ even dare not to open offical diablo immortal forum for players after earnning so much money throgh this game. I need anyone who read this could send to US forums/reddit/YT/Media or maybe BZ top management to help us get justice.
I heard negative orbs players are banned in US. As a result, I consider the issue that negative orbs players are not banned in EastAsia servers (outside China managed by BZ) is a technical BUG. In fact they took most eaderboards and rewards without spending any money but other weaker players do. Please help to solve this issue and give players a fair game ecosystem.