Too many attempts trying to send sms code HELP!

too many attempts when trying to send sms code so i cant verify my mw3 account with out the sms code.its been 4 days no tech help either

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same here, cant get the sms code

Have you ever received a code? Or are you doing this for the first time? There are restrictions for phone numbers.

Eligibility & Limitations Phone Notifications are designed for text-enabled mobile phones:

  • Messaging apps like iMessage (iOS) or WhatsApp (iOS, Android) are not supported.
  • Phone notifications cannot be used with Voice over IP (VoIP), and VoIP numbers that are transferred to a local provider are not eligible for the service.

A phone number can only be attached to one Account.

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That doesnt help at all. So many of us, hundreds of us. Having this issue

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