"Too Many Attempts" - 1 Hour Lockout

Occasionally I will be locked out of my account for an hour. The symptoms start when I open the Battle.net launcher and it indicates my credentials are expired.

I will enter my password and then I am met with “too many attempts”. I have tried the following:

  • Unlocked my account via the Blizzard Support Website
  • Reset my account via same
  • Had my password reset by Blizzard support
  • Cleared my cache/cookies and then
  • Attempted to log in from another browser
  • Attempted to log in after the above and a computer reset
  • Attempted to log in after the above and on another connection and/or device

Additional information:

  • MFA is enabled and the Blizzard Authenticator is in use
  • There are no pending or unanswered MFA requests when the account is locked out
  • There are no parental controls active
  • When checked, there are no logins from outside of my normal IP range
  • There are no password reset emails in my inbox that would indicate someone attempted to reset my password but failed

In my last ticket, below, I was advised to head to the forums and create a ticket there. To wit:

" We don’t have any additional activity information we could provide here in support so this would need to go through our QA teams for further investigation and the only way to directly report an issue to them would be via the forums.


Please advise. If additional information is required, please let me know and I will be happy to provide it.

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