To devs about bo4

u need to do something about bo4 its not even a year old i do more waiting in lobys than playing its bs

Yeah m8, even ww2 and infinite warfare was supported maybe 2,5 years after release its ridicculous… (maybe there is some supports in bo4 but where are players??)

btw do you have open nat?

they also sell this game & pass for 59 & 99euros even tho there isnt even proper singleplayer. so only thing is multiplayers but there isnt even always player. in the morning i dont even find games.

for some reason i still like call of duty because i play it many years even tho bo4 isnt even best cod i play it sometimes to find some players but there isnt much. bruhh!!

i start to feel betrayed because i use so much money to play most popular fps.

Black Ops 4 was created by Activision and Treyarch. Any feedback will need to be referred to Activision Support or the Activision Community forums.