To Blizzard,some suggestions

Hi all i am a really old diablo 2 player(i play hardcore) and i’ve noticed some things that i wanna mention here,plus some things that i do not like and i want a Blizzard diablo 2 developer to think of them and help us all !
So here it goes.(Long post)

My diablo 2 suggestions :
1st/ Make a linux version of the game! It’s really sad to not release such a version for the game.Many people that use Linux have problems to try and run games such as Diablo 2 + LOD.We have to resort to wine and playonlinux or virtual machines that run windows but then again many people have old rigs that can’t run VM’s properly or have problems with wine and playonlinux.Thus my suggestion is to create a version that is compatible with Linux Mint flavor cuz many players use that version to play games or use tools such as STEAM.

2ond/ All those years have passed and yet again no “quality of life changes” !!! Yeah i get it you wanna keep the old feeling but there is no point to have such a small inventory or Cube space within the game.My suggestions are as follows:

2a) Increase inventory space,both in character and cube.I really want to this to be happen!

> There is no point guys to have such small inventory ! Also you can add pages to inventory and being able to trade items to other characters of your account withing the Stash system and in SP mode without the need to create extra characters for transfer and mule, purposes.

This will stop the creation of mules or lower their creation within the battle net and reduce the ping of the servers and help single player mode!

You all know the so known single player version called “Pluggy” well i do not know of the original creation of the program,but a friend of mine that had it ,i suppose it wasn’t the original ? , got a super trojan hiding within it’s bootloader!!!
Yes “Pluggy” gives all the above but why ,we the original owners of the game have to install external programs for single player to have quality of life changes all the while taking a huge risk to install a trojan to our pc ? I suppose the “Plugy” creator had all good intentions,but who knows what you get when you put into your pc something from an external source ?
Blizzard “Plugy” has even ubers in single player mode!!!Even ladder! Plz make an official release-patch-update of the game with such features! It will help single player mode.I think you should check the program and take ideas!!!

2b) Give mercenary’s the option to have inventory under their window,so to work, as carrier of items withing game plus a potion belt that the merc can use automatically so the player doesn’t have to press a shortcut for it.Also give them full equipment window such as boots,gloves,amulets,rings etc!

2c) Remove the Cow King death that bans you from opening the portal to cow level in single player.

2d) Improve the drop rate of items according to character,e.x if you playing an assassin or druid or whatever it’s always nicer to find a bigger % of items that work for your class.So if i am a necromancer i prefer to find a tiny bit more items that are suitable for the necro.But this tweek needs a lot of careful planning,so not to ruin economy.

2e)Make runes to be converted by two,or four, of the same kind without gems.(Guys feel free to add a better suggestion)

2f) Release the official maphack for diablo 2 !!! Yeah it sounds weird but nevertheless it will stop the spreading of maphacks that have viruses that spread around! And give the option for whoever to wanna use it just to click an option within game!

2g) Release a screen resolution chooser ! I think that all will agree that it’s far better to see the game in higher resolutions ! Hey we do not have CRT screens anymore…Hellooooooooo??? Anyone there!!!Blizzard?

  1. STOP bots!!! Yeah all know that bots have ruined this games economy and all know that are external sites - forums that bot users go there to trade their stuff! But this has f* up the economy! So my suggestion to this is to create your own Auction House withing the game! Example within Lut Gholein you could add a Bazaar that has the Auction house and players go there and put their items plus the items of the choosing for the exchange to happen! e.x I want a Shaco hat so i go there and i put for ex the Shaco item that i wanna buy it and put that i want for an exchange the following items. An Ohm rune,or two Vex runes or Ist+gul +vex.
    By doing this you will reduce the trading that’s happening on external sites cuz the trading will be automated and fast within the game!!! And everybody is happy!

  2. Release a fixed official price list for items so players would know their value and they don’t get scammed !

Some character changes:
1 / Druid : Make the Hurricane skill of druid to be enabled once and not to have to recast it.

2/ Necro : Create a true Vampire form for the whole Trang oul set of the necro.The grandpa with the stick when you have the whole set isn’t a vampire at least to me…Plus the skills suck major time

3/Sorc : Remove the flash of screen from Thunder Storm Spell some people have epilepsy and it’s bad for our fellow humans!

4/Barb : Give the guy a Katana sword two-hand item !!!

Anyways that was some of my suggestions,to anyone wandering i used to play on a "…bad… " version of diablo2 to my friends pc when i visited him and that guy had everything,like hero editor maphacks pluggy etc etc.That’s how i got to know pluggy.
I on the other hand was always cautious and never installed them to my own pc…My friend got his pc hacked really badly from all of these external programs that run like crazy and people download them. Me on the other hand had no problem cuz i had an original hard copy of the game at the time…And to all those that play with maphacks etc etc let me tell you that if you play the game AS IS it’s a whole new(old) different feeling.Trust me on this. I am a hardcore player and i suggest to you all to take your hero in hardcore mode without maphacks etc etc and try to play the game…You will get the shivers!!! Ofc every time your hero is close to die …hehe you will enjoy dialbo 2 better…
All i wish is for some quality of life changes and a linux version of the game,feel free to add your ideas! Thank you all for your time!

You have a lot of good suggestions. Some of them many have been clamoring for in this forum for a while now. It’s a shame that not much has been done with Diablo 2 since what, 2005? Anyways, here’s my feedback:

  • Linux version
    I’m going to be honest here, this won’t happen simply due to lack of interest. Nice idea, but not feasible.

  • Stash/character/cube space increase
    Stash space increase I will agree with, but a no for me on character or cube space. Having a limited stash space hasn’t bothered me, in fact it helps stop me from hanging onto a bunch of JUNK ITEMS! Last season I made it up to level 89 before I had enough items to warrant creating a mule.

  • Remove Gem requirement for cubing runes

  • Release the official maphack for diablo 2
    I like the fog of war, it tells me where I haven’t been so I can explore every nook and cranny.

  • Release a screen resolution chooser
    There has been a lot of talk by players about Diablo 2 and a remaster, there has also been a lot of talk from the original Blizzard North crew about the massive challenges on bringing a higher resolution remaster to Diablo 2. It all boils down to the game engine being designed around a grid that is fixed with a 800x600 display… Basically you’d have to rewrite the whole game… Then theres reports of shenanegans by Blizzard on them “losing” the game assests. coughbackupscough Upscaling is possible using a Glide wrapper such as Svens Glide Wrapper.
    I’ve posted a Youtube link below of an interview with David Brevik about the difficulties of remastering Diablo 2.

  • Release a fixed official price list
    No, this isn’t how the barter system works… One mans trash is another mans treasure. Buy low, sell high. If someone overvalues something, the one who knows the true value will gain, and the one who over/undervalues gets secretly screwed while not knowing it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

all this is total waste of time as they will not maintain servers or fix bugs assuming they are capable

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Leave the structure of the game the way it is, but make it run on modern machines for the next 20 years. Don’t dumb it down with QoL changes, save that for future games.


You guys can keep dreaming but nothing will never happen with this blizzard North product

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No, keep the small inventory stash.

Release a maphack for players?? LOL, no; they aren’t needed for anything. If you get a virus you were the idiot that tried to get an unfair advantage on Bnet.

Get rid of bots? PLEASE. I estimate this would make the game exactly 2.0 x better.

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I think 2021 will be the year we find out if you are right or not. The community mod has implied that they are working on more Diablo projects other than D3, D:I and D4. Putting D2 on the launcher is definitely one of those projects.