To all the people who purchuased D2R through PayPal

Hi all, everyone who used PayPal to purchase this non working game can log in to their account and open a case for a refund. Once this is done the amount paid is taken out from the Blizzard PayPal account untill the case is resolved. Mayb e once they will start to see their (or actually ours) money to become locked finally something will be done. Most likely money is the only way that will speak to them.


If you are dissatisfied with the way Blizzard released/is maintaing this game, then submit a chargeback request with your credit card company. I just submitted my request to Amex and noted that while Blizzard’s refund policy is limited to 72 hours, I stated:

Game randomly crashes resulting in lost progress and restarting. These constant crashes demonstrate that the game was not fully tested prior to release and is akin to fraud. Refer to the following news article (dexerto.XXX/diablo/diablo-2-resurrected-crash-all-platforms-demand-fix-1668227/) which documents the widespread problems with this game. Sony issued refunds for Cyberpunk for the same reason.

Game is only playable online through the merchant’s Battlenet server. However, this server is consistently down. Refer to the following link (downdetector.XXX/status/battle-net/archive/) which documents the high frequency and length of server outages. I purchased this game on September 27 and have had a hard time playing.

Hope this template helps you all.


Don’t forget to leave a bad review of 0/10 on metacritic.

Diablo II: Resurrected for PC Reviews.

It’s a total dumpster fire over there, 3.9/10 and droping.