Titles profile returns no titles property


To always receive a titles property, even if it is an empty array, or an array of one element matching the active_title property.

This is not common, but I do have dozens of cases in my logs where no titles property is returned. There is usually an active_title though, so I know the character has at least that one title. Rarely there is neither property.

I wouldn’t think this is the intended way of indicating a character has zero or just one, active, title, but possibly it is? I’d appreciate guidance knowing whether I should take it that way or whether I should treat it as a temporary glitch / data unavailable pending a further update.

I didn’t post any specific URLs here because none of the cases are my characters. I can direct message some via another channel if that is helpful.

Edit/update 11/29:
Still happening.

For one character I was looking at today:

  • response at 1 AM contained active_title and titles sections, with about 20 titles.
  • response at 7 PM contained just the active_title
  • response at 8 PM was back to having the titles sections.

I also looked to confirm the active_title is normally also listed within the titles list, and, by manual inspection, that looks to be the case.

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