Time to run Warden Blizzard!

The bots are over-running D2 and it’s time for Blizzard to support the game better on USEAST. Please run Warden and purge the system so we aren’t waiting 10 minutes to make a game. Many players have years invested in characters and can’t enjoy the game due to your inactivity on game management.

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It doesn’t matter there’s no way to stop the cheating online don’t matter if they found a way to get rid of bots people will still cheat by using D2jsp Or other third-party black market websites

That’s fine people can cheat that way if it is their way, but at least those sites don’t directly affect gameplay. Doing a bot sweep with warden regularly will enable regular players to do so without waiting minutes to create a game. I’ve reported this in the past, and they did exactly what I am asking for them to do. The result was immediate and it was the best ladder in the past decade.

The interesting thing is 99 out of 100 players who complain about bots are players who are upset because they ruin the economy, and 1% (Me) say it because they ruin the race to 99.

So what does that mean? 99% of the complaints pertain to the game they play on 3rd party websites, which is cheating just as much as botting, and I complain about the cheating that effects competing in the game.

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I agree 100% @RadianceRaw. I’ve been top spotting legit running to 99 for over 10 years now, and ladder loses all relevance if BNet can’t run Warden without warning to smack down anyone cheating. I remember the 8’s handed out in season 13, it was epic.

Not only were the 8s epic, but it was a huge boost for people who are good at and passionate about making gifs and memes. There ought to be a separate Diablo 2 archive of all of the memes and gifs created and which had fun with 8s and disabled keys.

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My favorite part about the various mass (8)s over the years is reading comments that involve lawyers.

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The problem is getting worse. Position 3000 to make a game?
Battlenet is failing hard now, come on guys!

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warden is a thing of the past.
and even if there’s a banwave, cdkeys only cost $7 or so.
Think about it, most of the player base is over 30 years old with a full time job (hopefullly no one in here is still living in mama’s basement).

i could honestly wipe my butt with the amount of money it cost to run a bot operation.
CD-keys + proxies = a couple of cheaper lunches than usual.

Just accept the fact that bots ain’t going nowhere in this game or wow or even diablo 3.

The bots could be stopped if you need to enter a captcha to create a game.

It does matter and it is stoppable, they’re just not making any efforts in the first place.

Its the way that Diablo 2 is coded. Bots and programs are never going away. They may keep them at bay for a bit, but it usually doesn’t last long at all. After that big ban wave in 2017 or whatever it was, people were botting within a couple of weeks. One program gets banned, someone will tweak it, or tweak another program and boom, good to go. There’s not that much incentive to fight it hard, this is an old game, and I wish people would stop crying so much about this. If you want a genuine Diablo 2 experience, I’m sure there are other servers or discord communities. Or just play solo with friends or something, its still fun to this day imo, and its fun working with what items you can find/make.

tl;dr Stop crying about this topic, its been discussed 1,000,000 times.

Not a good response. Inactivity is not the answer. That mass ban wave cleaned up ladder for a good month and a half by the way, enough for a true representation of ladder to happen. If ban waves keep bots at bay for a few weeks, then mass ban waves should happen every 2 weeks! No need to be disrespectful about trying to clean up the game, this is what forums are for, to get help to solve game issues!

Personally, I am far more worried about pandemic weight gain, weight gained due to keeping family, friends, and the community safe by staying home and playing games. I ought to invest in exercising the body and spend a little less time at levelling my character(s). My body could use healthier stats and skills. Let’s see if I have the discipline to level up in the real world.

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I suggest getting a treadmill:

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LOL @ IWasntThere. I have an essential job so had to work through the pandemic wearing a mask for 12 hours a day in a high stress environment. I come home to play a great game I paid for. If Blizzard isn’t going to support the game, then they need to take it off the shelves at game stores and stop ripping people off :wink:

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Oh, my ribs! Adorable and exceptionally funny!

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