Time for an Action-Bar revamp

Esteemed Blizzard’s Hoping ya’s would be SO kind as to update your action -bars…(a three-row on bottom, & one on the side , would be very handy !) Would possibly interest those people running Dominos, Bartender4, etc. …some of us are not fans of “multi-tasking,” and like fast access to the “necessaries” Hoping for a favourable out-come…Thank you, kind? peoples.

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Oh I dont know are you sure though? Our action bar looks pretty cool as it is, 9 buttons on the left of the screen under the minimap in a nice square looks pretty legit.
Dont you think spreading the controls on the bottom of the screen and on the right like this would be a bit awkward ? cough

Dear Recidivist I am affraid you may be in the wrong place :wink:
Were you looking for this instead ?

On a side note, you are very welcome to come play Warcraft 2 with me on GOG’s battle.net every weekend ( twitch.tv/trogallart ). I personally think it is a far more interesting game and the UI is super crisp :innocent:

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