Time For a refund? And Can we have Classic back as Reforge SUCKS!

Don’t Release a game, a Month late, with so many issue’s. Get it right the first time.

" Since you folks are scanning & looking over all the feedback from the fan base"

That is a LIE! If you were paying attention in the slightest, WC3 Reforged will die soon due, to your lack of effort. Ladder, Simple. Clans, Simple. Can’t Figure it out? use the old interface with the new game-play- Simple.

Come on This is Ridiculous- Oh 2 Months since it has been released as well, nothing has been improved, at all in the slightest. If anything, lack of customer support, and I could list 100+ problems but I won’t since you folks are " scanning and keeping a close eye on what the people who purchased your product are saying they want "

A complete Joke. I’ve been a paying Customer since WC2!!! And was so excited to see you bring back, BLIZZARD MAIN ATTRACTION, AS WoW, Dota, Etc, CAME OUT OF WC3! You state you are doing everything you can, you state you are scanning all feedback. And Yet it now has been over a month since the game has come out and pretty much 0.1% problems fixed.

Are you telling me you spent over a year to develop a game just to throw in the trash? I need my Money back, I wish I could sue for the waste of time.

TRASH- Blizzard


city of heroes… no looking back