Ticket Respose time for today?

I have a buddy who got kicked off his account. He does not have his old phone nor the authenticator app( as its on old phone). He finally was able to submit a ticket. So Blizzard did this right before Diablo IV Launch… What are the wait time for ticket responses? Truly Blizzard cant do security questions and other ways to authenticate your account…


I actually had the same thing just happen to me i cant authenticate it because both the website and the game require phone authentication and its authenticating from an old number that i no longer have i had to make this name and account just to log onto the forums. Im asking for my money back…

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Yeah that is some Bull on Blizzards end for doing that. Make it easier for people to get access. The People have been asking for this for a min. Clearly they only care about the money and not the players. Wish the best for you and Good Luck.

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Been waiting since 10am to get a response from my ticket on my account which isn’t this email. Maybe they could hurry this process along a bit?

Just still waiting my ticket, but I didn’t get a response from them with their new service and policies.