THREE WEEKS, watiting for CS

I paid for a WoW sub, tried to log in, got rejected (bad PW), and locked out. The game said it would send me an email on how to fix it. It never did. I contacted Bliz on their webpage “Contact us”. and waited, and waited. Then I logged in on an alt acct (non-paid) and put in a trouble ticket, and waited, and waited. Canceled my acct. and put in another ticket, and now I’m waiting, waiting. What the hell does it take to get Bliz CS to respond? I gave the details, toons on acct, and my email, and NOTHING. No response. Now when I try to log in, it defaults to my non-paid acct. and I can’t even amuse myself and try to log in on my main acct. I know my email is right, I use it to log in the game.