Threatened by Game Master instead of being assisted

Ticket US91731056 was closed under threat of ‘disciplinary action’ against me for any attempts to discuss matters further in my ticket. My concerns within the ticket have still not been resolved, but I was directed to express any residual concerns here.

Per the ticket, I have been acutely unwell, and so I did not refund an unintended and unused Faction Change within the 14-days required for a cash refund. However, I reasonably requested for a refund to my Balance instead, as providing store credit is standard business practice for these kinds of matters (and this is usually done without fuss for items that are digital and not consumed).

I was repeatedly and falsely told that the refund was unable to be processed, when it could in fact be processed with approval.

Further I was told that Blizzard values me and is ‘really willing to give everything possible’, especially considering I am a ‘veteran’ player since 2006. This was evidently false, as if it was true, the ‘decision maker’ responsible would have approved the refund.

To my recollection, this was my first attempt at a refund since my account was created in 2006. My account has also been in good standing. Any reasonable business person would have simply granted the refund. Unfortunately, the conduct against me and dishonesty has resulted in the cancellation of my Diablo IV Ultimate Edition pre-order and World of Warcraft subscription.

I was looking forward to settling back into life after a period of acute illness with Diablo IV, but it is difficult to be convinced that things have indeed improved at Blizzard after this experience.


That’s what happens when youve been given a final answer and you dont stop harassing them. When the equivelent of a supreme court says no, youre done. Move on.

A d youre harassing them because they are upholding the rules? And becasue a higher up wouldnt break their rules for you?

Everything possible means everything possible WITHIN THE RULES, not anything you want.

And thank god blizzard doesnt distinguish between vererans and newbies. Imagine how f’ed all the newbies would be with blizzard catering to all the veterans.

And no, there’s no standard practice, everywhere has its own rule set conducive to their circumstances.

Per my original post, I was continuing a discussion contained within the ticket.

In that chain of correspondence conflicting statements were given. I was told that:

  • They would process the refund, if they could

  • They could process the refund, but won’t.

The onus is on Blizzard to reconcile the contradicting logic there, and I was threatened for remaining confused and dismayed at the contradicting statements.

When referring to a ‘standard business practice’ in a general sense, I was referring to what is done generally in business, and what I referred to is commonly actioned in similar circumstances.

Aside from that, I am aware that Blizzard has processed refunds to Battle.Net Balance in similar circumstances before.

Using such terms is still effectively cursing on the forums, and it weakens rather than strengthens points. Along with the aggressive language, which you appear to have a history of in other posts, where you appear to incite rather than provide constructive input.

Further, this was my 1st attempt at a refund since 2006, under exceptional circumstances, with an account that remained in good standing. And Blizzard chose to tell me that because I was a ‘veteran’ player that they would go the extra mile for me, so that’s not ‘entitlement’ on my part.

It is simply good business practice to process a once-off refund of $40 for an unused digital token to store credit, for a loyal customer who:

  • Has a 17-year history of products and services without seeking refunds

  • Has ongoing products and services that far exceed the token amount, and regularly purchases additional products

Moreover, given the lawsuits/scandals/controversies, with the broken promise of PvE in Overwatch 2 landing just this week, the onus is on Blizzard to demonstrate that it has changed as a company for the better.

Presenting me with 2 opposing statements and threatening me for not being satisfied with the contradicting logic demonstrates the opposite.

Yeah. You’ve spent all the time in the ticket and now here on the forums trying to convince blizzard youre special, youre deserving. Entitlement.

If I had used it against or in reference to you, sure. But as a descriptor of a situation, it has no bearing on the strenght or weakness of the point. Remove it, and the point is exactly the same.

You’re reaching, for anything you can.

Oh youre one of those. “Promise”. Every single developer always prefaces developmemt with ‘nothing is final, anything can change at anytime’. When it comes to pve in OW, you won’t find the word promise anywhere. You and those like you twisted the context to have something to be upset about.

When people act juvenile, dont be suprised when others point it out. And when they do point it out, don’t try to shift the sole focus onto them.

Per my original post, I was directed to express residual concerns here specifically by Blizzard. And as I clarified in my 2nd post, Blizzard called me a ‘veteran’ from ‘2006’, and they specifically stressed that they would go above and beyond because of that.

There was nothing hypocritical in my post. As I just stated, I was directed to express any residual concerns here.

You however, have written inflammatory posts attacking people for using block letters for part of their sentence, and yet you did the same thing in your first post on this thread.

And as others have pointed out, you have been suspiciously defensive of Blizzard Support, seem to have a history of attempting to derail threads, and you have been accused of trolling.

You seem to even call out things that weren’t even mentioned by an original poster. So you either make things up, or somehow have backend knowledge that only members of Blizzard have. I’m not sure why you feel the need to continue personally attacking people, but it’s concerning.

Promise - “a declaration that one will do or refrain from doing something specified” - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.

You put in a ticket with a request. They were not able to provide what you wanted because you are past the refund date in the policy. It does not matter WHY you were past the refund, date, you were past it. Blizzard will not, by policy, be able to refund your faction change.

You re-opened the ticket and got the same answer. They can’t do it, policy does not allow for that. Not cash, not Bnet balance. Not at all.

You kept opening tickets over and over - at which point it becomes GM harassment and they will tell you to stop or they will penalize your account.

You were told you could post on the forums - specifically the WoW forums - if you wanted to make a suggestion that the policy should be changed. That is how you can submit suggestions to Blizzard, or use the in-game suggestion feature.

Asking for policy change on the forums is not going to get you a different answer on your current issue. It may however result in a long term policy consideration down the road.

If you have additional questions about the Policies in place, you are free to ask on the CS forum. That is NOT a means to appeal your ticket outcome, reach Billing, or make a suggestion. It is an information desk to explain how things work.

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Thank you for your response.

The underpinning philosophy of the Refund Guideline states:
“If you change your mind about a recent purchase, or if you haven’t used it, we’ll try to work with you on a refund.”

It seemed Blizzard was attempting to ‘work’ with me on a refund, as my case was deemed suitable to pursue an exception. But the messaging between why I was suitable for an exception and the denial of the exception appeared to contradict, which left me confused.

Honestly, I just wanted clarity and reassurance, and I was only seeking to resolve that and contain it within the relevant ticket.

As stated in my ticket, I appreciate any efforts made by the Game Masters to advocate for me. Perhaps there was some miscommunication that occurred through changes of hands and the exception that was pursued on my behalf.

I was not told to go to the WoW forums. I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve by falsely arguing against me, but it only compounds the confusing experience I experienced in the ticket.

“I’d advise you to share your experience and constructive feedback in our forums, as it is more likely to be seen and taken in consideration by our managers and development teams here: Blizzard Forums

The most appropriate forum listed was the Support Site Feedback forum, so I posted here.

My post wasn’t seeking a policy change to the Refund Guidelines. I was directed to express any residual/general concerns regarding my experience on the forums, so that’s what this post was.

Blizzard products have been dear to me since the original Diablo and StarCraft, and I only want to see future entries under my favourite franchises flourish.

The coverage I have seen so far of Diablo IV has been refreshing and exciting, and I love what the Development Team have shown so far.

Per nothing. You’re not continuing a discussion. The gms are not coming here to read or continue your ticket conversation. Also, this is a public forum that anyone can post on and reply to. You made a public post and I responded.

Clarifation isn’t providing anything. They said that they would go above and beyond, and that means within the limits of the rules and policies. No backend knowledge needed to know how rules and policies work.

What are you blathering about now?

So? Simply not liking what someone says doesn’t immediately constitute derailing or trolling. If I’m truly trolling or detrailing, the mods would moderate.

Care to back up the ‘make things up’ accusation? As to backend knowledge, it doesn’t take much effort to just listen to what blizzard says time and time again to people. Check out the 20 or so regular people in the WoW customer service forum. Theyve been around long enough to know policy just as good as the blues that post there… and they have no backend access to anything.

So I call out your claim about blizzard promising things and follow up with how they never promise anything during developemnt. And you just copy and paste the definition of promise? What? Its definition was never in in question. What I said was your types twist the context, not the definition .

Hey Jegz,

MissCheetah isn’t trying to falsely argue against you. Typically, the GMs recommend posting on the respective game’s forums. I suspect MissCheetah was just going off that assumption.

It’s possible that upon cursory review your situation may have appeared to qualify. However, after fully investigating the situation, policy precluded it. Or, it’s possible that the GM was simply stating that they will do everything in their power; however, that power doesn’t allow them to grant a refund in your case.

Indeed, the ticket’s wording could be confusing. However, with each subsequent ticket you submitted the case was reviewed by a new person (to avoid a single person’s possible mistake) and, in your case, verified as not qualifying. Hence, the repeated tickets became GM harassment.

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Blizzard policy on World of Warcraft in-game services (expressly including faction changes) have a three-day refund policy rather than 14. They considered the circumstances, which is good faith. They’re not the bad guy. I hope you heal up quickly. Blizzard Refund Policy - Legal – Blizzard Entertainment.

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Hi Leviathan,

Thank you for your response.

MissCheetah confidently stated and emphasised a point that was not true (as proven by the content of my ticket):

“You were told you could post on the forums - specifically the WoW forums…”.

It was a choice to argue so firmly and confidently against me throughout the post without knowing the relevant information. Such language implied that they knew the content of my ticket and that I ignored it.

The ‘Support Site’ forum appears to be the most appropriate place to express concerns and provide feedback regarding experiences encountered while utilising the Support Site, either way.

It is concerning that this misleading action came from an individual elevated to ‘MVP’ status by Blizzard, and it did not help to restore confidence after my experience in the Ticket. Acting based on an assumption, while assuming the worst of those you are engaging with, is unlikely to achieve a positive outcome.

Further, it is also concerning that a separate individual, who has made inciteful posts in this thread and other threads on the forums (per their post history), was flaunting their lack of moderation. I already addressed their arguments and history of hostility, so I will not be responding to them further. They also continue to insert false narratives, so there is effectively nothing to respond to.

I appreciate your well-reasoned response. It seems that the disconnect is indeed what exacerbated any confusion, as there was a new GM in each reply.

From my understanding, the Ticket remained the same and under the same Ticket ID. I was only attempting to continue a discussion in that Ticket for clarity and reassurance on pieces of logic that were conflicting, mainly:

  • They would process the refund, if they could
  • They could process the refund, but won’t.

The status regarding the continuation of the Ticket appeared tentative, until it was finally marked as ‘Resolved’ upon its closure. So it was jarring to be threatened with 'disciplinary action’ for attempting to reconcile conflicting logic and seek reassurance within the same Ticket.

Perhaps, if there is anything constructive to be taken from this thread, it is considering how the user experience can be improved in this area.

Thank you for the well wishes, Fooman. I attempted to give you an individual response, but it seems I must contain everything in a single reply.

Regarding the timelines within the ‘Refund Guidelines’, my understanding was those are guidelines for a Full Refund, which is processed via the method of payment where possible.

Typically, across business, when outlined timeframes for a Full Refund is exceeded, Store Credit is often offered instead. And this is often for physical items with size/colour variants that take up shelf space.

The underpinning philosophy behind the Refund Guidelines was:

“If you change your mind about a recent purchase, or if you haven’t used it, we’ll try to work with you on a refund.”

I exceeded the eligibility for a Full Refund, so I requested for a form of Store Credit instead, to reverse a mistakenly acquired digital benefit that will likely never be consumed. This logic agreed with the principle behind the stated philosophy, and from my recollection this has also been done before for others.

Evidently, I was eligible for consideration, otherwise an exception would never have been entertained to begin with. The main point and existence of this thread is addressed in my other response.

Thank you again for the kind words.

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Based off an established trend. I would have likely said the same thing because of it.

There isn’t anything to be concerned about in this case. The WOW forums is another reasonable place to post this kind of feedback. Leading into…

Based off the choices here, it does seem like the closest fit. However, feedback on the systems of a specific game can and often are directed to the respective game’s forums.

If you feel that someone has violated the forum rules, simply flag the post and the moderation team will look into it. They will act accordingly based off what they determine.

Not that I know of for refunds like you are requesting. They have done credit for people who buy something hours before it goes on sale, but they don’t have a policy of refunding something to Bnet balance in place of an actual refund.

If you wish to ask questions about the Policy with someone who actually can see your tickets, feel free to head to the WoW Customer Support forum - which I already suggested.

just save it for when you want to faction change another toon, i had same sort of issue with a character transfer cept i dident bother sending in a ticket i just keep till i find another i want to transfer

Sadly i must admit this is true. I found myself the other day in a situation where a toxic player started sabotaging a whole raid team like 3 times, being a tank. Dude starts getting insulting against me because i told him to play well, I told him to stop sabotaging everyone and play decent. What he did? He started insulting me with racial slurs and threats to my mother just because we speak spanish? I defended myself agains the player and in a desesperate act of hate, the player reports me. I block him, report him and proceed to ignore him. Days go on and after 2 weeks, I GET REPORTED FOR DEFENDING MYSELF FROM A TOTAL TOXIC RACIST PLAYER.

What happened? i made a ban appeal commenting everything that happened even with screenshots and evidence. but you want to know what kind of answer i got from the “Manager”

Take a look at that screenshot
"Hi Billy,

My name is Todd, and I am a Team Manager within Customer Support. I have received your appeal ticket today. I hope that this response finds you well.

I have reviewed your ticket, along with the documentation for this penalty.

We do not differentiate between who started the toxic behavior, and who responded with toxic behavior of their own. Both parties are providing a terrible experience for everyone else. Both have access to mute and report, and both are responsible for their own actions.

After review, this penalty was applied correctly. We are upholding the penalty, and it will stand for the duration. Please take this time to consider changing your behavior within our games.

This concludes the review process for this action, and the decision is final. Further requests to review, alter, remove, or discuss this penalty will not be answered.

Take care."

This “Manager” told me this after i defended myself from racism: “Please take this time to consider changing your behavior within our games.”

Ok so i need to change my behavior? why? because i did not let a player insult all my country? my people? myself? Because i demanded another player respect? and to be polite and dont sabotage everyone of us in the raid?

Excuse me but no, I clearly as an adult I know i have nothing to change here, and i have done nothing bad. But even though i am the one getting banned and not the Racist player.

So sadly due that i am making a Refund on Diablo IV i can’t pay 70 Dollars to a company who wont let me play the products i bought.

“Please take this time to consider changing your behavior within our games.” I find ofensive that i get told this when am the one who got racially attacked.

So next time “Please take this time to consider changing your behavior within your clients.”

I bet i will surely get Threatened and Perma banned for talking about racism and one having to defend themselves. So please who ever reads this remember i wanted to get decent justice from the company i have been with almost 18 years. It’s totally unfair that i get penalyzed and not the Racist.